The Little Details

A lot of us spend time just flying through the days, missing the details of the little things that happen while we work, play, eat, etc. The little things often seem unimportant, that is until they become something BIG.

A few weeks ago I did a walk through with a new client. They explained that their issue with their previous cleaning company was that they were not paying attention to the details. As they showed me what was being “missed”, I could not help but think, “if they were not properly cleaning the noticeable areas, I’m certain they were not paying attention to the smaller details that are often not noticed until a bigger issue arises”. At that moment we were touring the bathrooms, I took my hand and ran it across the top of the paper towel dispenser (a commonly missed area), not to my surprise my hand came up with a very thick layer of dust.

As the owner of a janitorial company, I know how important the small details are. Not cleaning areas where dust collects helps aid in the spread of airborne germs in the office. This is why when we say CLEAN, we really mean CLEAN. I personally train each one of my employees to ensure that they understand the importance of paying attention to the details, both big and small. If an issue arises we are very responsive to ensure our customers feel appreciated. 

At Phillips Janitorial Services, we want to be the last cleaning company our clients will ever need.

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