What Does Quality Look Like?

quality looks

How do you know if the CVS generic medicine will work as well as the Branded medicine? How do you know if those $80 Nike sneakers really work better than the $30 knockoffs?

Quality defined is “The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind; the degree of excellence of something.”

In short, to really see what quality looks like, you have to do a comparison. You may have found that the generic medication worked on your headache just as well as the branded one. However, After choosing those $30 knockoffs you may have found that the soles wore down quicker after running in them for only a few weeks. Whether you try it yourself or ask around to see what others think, a comparison is still necessary in order to see the quality and make a decision.

In business quality is measured the same way, you don’t know until you make the comparison. Some of my clients are people who I have met in passing. In conversation I said to them, “If I were to ask you if you were happy with your cleaning service you would say yes, right?” The majority of them respond back with “no”. I ask that question because it forces people to make a mental comparison of what they have verses what they want. They begin to think of cut corners and other things that they are unhappy about but previously deemed as “good enough” or “acceptable”. A lot of my clients did not know the true meaning of quality when it came to a cleaning service because they had never seen it…..until, the day they were forced to compare it to their true expectations.

Quality is important in all of our businesses. It helps to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty. When your potential clients walk into your business, whether it be a car dealership, restaurant, medical facility, real estate office or corporate office. These are all places they have visited before. Subconsciously when someone walks into your establishment they are making an assessment or mental comparison on the appearance of your business. The polished floors, cleaned carpet and fresh smelling office of your competitor may have an affect on whether they believe you will be able to deliver a better service.

So today I challenge you and ask, “If I were to ask you if you were happy with your cleaning service you would say yes, right?”

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