Our Difference

The Phillips difference is visually noticeable. We go above and beyond what your current cleaning company does to provide CONSISTENT QUALITY. As most of our customers would attest, we mean it when we say, “WE STRIVE TO EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS", and we will do a great job for you, every time we clean your premises.

In keeping with our motto of striving to exceed expectations, Phillips Janitorial Services carefully selects and trains its staffers, to ensure the highest quality of clean consistently. We also follow-up with routine detailed inspections to ascertain that the quality is being maintained.

Why We Are Different:

(1) We are Locally Owned and Operated

(2) We Provide a Single Point of Contact (A Direct Line to Our Owner)

(3) We are Consistently Reliable and Thoroughly Clean

(4) We are Competitively Priced (A Great Value)

(5) We Offer Flexible Cleaning Schedules

(6) We Guarantee Our Work

(7) We are Fully Insured and Bonded

Check out our new video that shows just how Phillips Janitorial Services Inc., stands above the rest.

We provide Green Cleaning Services to those customers who need this service for the maintenance of their LEEDS building programs. We consistently use environmentally friendly products and practices throughout our cleaning process, aiming to reduce and recycle as much as possible. We are prudent with our use of water and paper in an effort to minimize the occurrence of those naturally occurring greenhouse gases. We have familiarized ourselves with the US Green Building Council’s LEED program requirements and constantly stay abreast of the latest trends in this area.

Allow Us to Show You What a REALLY Clean Building Looks Like