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Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc.

Although every business owner knows that quality service is a key aspect of a successful business, it is something that is lacking in our business world. So much so, quality service is the competitive advantage of small business.

As the owner of Phillips Janitorial Services, I discovered a need for a cleaning service that provided consistent quality. From observing the frequent change of cleaning companies by my former employers and from conversations with a colleague who similarly experienced frequent quality cleaning issues at a business he owned, I knew it was time to provide a cutting-edge cleaning service to business owners.

How does Phillips Janitorial Services differ from other commercial cleaners?

  • Noticeable, Consistent, high quality cleaning and attention to details – I developed a consistent, systematic cleaning system for my employees to follow. I also personally check my clients’ buildings to make sure that all of the steps are followed and completed. Quality is key so I put emphasis on “running a tight ship”.
  • Low turn over rate – I do my best to hire the right people the first time. I personally train each employee and because of the dedicated time involved in their training, it is vital to only hire people who fit the right criteria for my company. I also do not hire temporary help. This is key to ensure that all of my clients’ buildings get the care they deserve.
  • Friendly, available, responsive customer service – It is important to provide a single-point of contact for my clients. That single point of contact is Me! If there are any questions or concerns, I am just a phone call away!

With  11 years of business, Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. is sure to provide you with the quality cleaning service your business deserves.

I guarantee it!  Call me today for a free, no obligation assessment! 856-261-9116.

**Voted Best In Biz 2015!

Phillips Janitorial Services

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