Your Office Image – What Does it Project?

your office image
What does your office image project?
When you walk into an establishment for the first time, the first impression of their building says a lot. Just as the cleanliness of a restaurant will help you decide if you will eat there, the appearance of your business may affect whether or not a client will want to do business with you.

Parking lot trash, window smudges, cluttered reception area and a dirty bathroom are all things that “speak” to your clients in ways you won’t like. These things show a lack of attention to details and efficiency. You may think no one is paying attention to the un-mopped bathroom floor or the dust balls in the corner, but one too many blemishes can hurt your reputation.

The cleanliness of your building also tells clients how much you care about your employees. A clean office environment keeps employees happier and healthier. If you don’t care about your employee work environment, your clients may wonder how you are going to care for their business.

You may think your clients and customers are not paying attention, but don’t under estimate them. They work in an office environment as well and know oh too well how difficult it is to work efficiently in a dirty, disorganized environment.

Having a work environment that lacks attention to details, cleanliness and employee care can really have a negative affect on your clients and customers.

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