Holiday Cleanup

Holiday Cleanup

Expecting your employees to do your post-holiday party cleanup? Don’t kill your office morale by making your employees do the cleaning. Unless your employees’ job description contains maintenance or janitorial duties do not rely on them to fulfill these responsibilities. Contracting this work to a professional commercial cleaning company will allow your employees to focus on more productive job responsibilities and help keep office morale at it’s best.

Additionally, While it may seem like you’re saving money by having your employees clean your business, it’s likely to cost you more. Since your employees are not trained cleaners, they do not work at the same speed or work knowledge, so you are likely paying more to have your employees do it.

Smudged food on floors, stains on carpets and over-flowing refrigerators are all duties to be handled by professional cleaners who have the experience in handling equipment and providing the proper service.

Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc, provides single-source comprehensive cleaning. Our core services include daily commercial cleaning and maintenance service, carpet cleaning, floor stripping and refinishing, window cleaning, post-construction cleanup, and emergency cleaning services.

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