Holiday Cleaning

Holiday Cleaning Is Important For Your Business.

Holiday Cleaning

The weather is changing and the holidays are here! Holiday cleaning is essential to businesses during this time of year. With the weather change, leaves are falling, dust is blowing and it is all being trafficked right through your front door. Making sure your lobby is free of leaves and debris and your carpets are not stained is key.

This is the time of year that people love to spread holiday cheer. You never know when a client or vendor may drop by to bring a gift or a holiday greeting. If you are in the retail business, more traffic this holiday season means bathrooms need more attention and cleaning needs to be more frequent. Additionally, if you plan to host a holiday party with employees and clients, you will want your impression to be a great one.

Let’s not forget the kitchen. With Thanksgiving leftovers, the office refrigerator and microwave can quickly become what appears to be a failed science project. Making sure this area stays clean is important to holiday happiness and health.

A clean, sanitary environment makes everything appear brighter and happier. Those holiday decorations seem to sparkle a little more near a freshly waxed floor or shampooed carpet. Your office will smell cleaner and feel sanitized as you enjoy the food during your holiday party. Holiday cleaning can help keep your staff in a happier more productive mood and make a great impression on those drop by visits from vendors and clients.

Let Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. give your building the holiday cleaning that you, your staff and your clients deserve. Contact us today!

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