Does Your Cleaning Service Do This?

When hiring a cleaning service you expect the usual dusting, vacuuming, wipe downs and trash dumping.  But what about the services that go above and beyond the normal commercial cleaning routine? That is what Phillips Janitorial Services strives to do for each and every one of our clients. With our motto “Striving to Exceed Expectations”, not only do we ensure that we provide a cleaning service that does not taper off in quality, but we go beyond the normal scale of cleaning to ensure when our clients walk into their facility they can see, smell and feel the difference.

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One way that we strive to go beyond the call of duty is by ensuring that our client’s carpets are not just vacuumed but cleaned; free from dirt, marks, or unwanted matter. After your carpets are vacuumed our employees go over each area to check for items stuck in between the carpet fibers. Our staff is trained to carefully remove staples, paper clips or any other embedded debris from your carpet by hand.   This is a standard service that is given to each and every one of our clients to help ensure the highest level of clean is given.

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Do your employee meetings constantly contain talks about the filthy kitchen microwave? Most commercial cleaning companies either do not offer microwave cleaning services or it is offered at an additional charge.

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With Phillips Janitorial Services, microwave cleaning is a standard service given to our clients. Gone are the days of the unwanted emails or repetitive employee meetings regarding the dreaded microwave cleaning.  Phillips Janitorial Services is equipped to use the proper supplies to clean and sanitize your microwave with each cleaning.

Since 2005 Phillips Janitorial Services has been striving to be the last cleaning company that our clients ever need by constantly striving to exceed their expectations. We are competitively priced and provide comprehensive single-source cleaning to major corporations and local businesses throughout the Delaware Valley. Our commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction allows our customers’ buildings to make a great first impression, every day.

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