Consumer Report: Clean or Not Clean

As business owners, we tend to look at our business through our own “daily blinders”. We don’t get to see or feel the experience that our consumers or clients feel when they enter our establishment. In my field of work, I hear feedback on people’s opinions on the cleanliness of other buildings from time to time. With that, I decided to start sharing their experiences in hopes to shed some light to local businesses owners to see if they are “Clean or Not Clean”. My latest consumer reporter wrote the following:

“There is nothing more distracting than walking into a professional building that looks like a grunge spot. I recently made a visit to our County Social Services office to drop off some necessary paperwork. What can I say? the condition of the facility was entirely unexpected. If cleanliness is next to godliness, there was no god here. It was deplorable. The moment I walked through the door, the odorous stench flushed me. I looked around to survey the room but all I could see were aged dirt and grime piled up in every corner. The rug was so extremely dirty that I couldn’t conclude it’s original color, perhaps it might have been green or maybe brown at one time. It is certainly not a color I can recall. There is a section of the main area that’s tiled, even they looked as if they have never been cleaned.

I was afraid to touch anything let alone use the bathroom, unfortunately, nature called. I walked into the bathroom and the first thing you notice is the sink, it had a dingy ring around the drain. The floor littered with toilet paper, accompanied by splatters of what could only be described as urine. Even if I had ten seat covers draped over the seat I couldn’t do it. After that experience, I have decided my next visit will be by mail and not in person.”

Luckily for this business, this experience didn’t result in a loss of a customer. Businesses cut corners on their cleaning services all the time to try to help their bottom line. However, if they are losing clients due to their unkempt quarters, it is certainly a lose, lose situation that they will never be aware of.

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