quantity or quality

Choosing Quantity or Quality

As a business owner, I understand the importance of making decisions on choosing quantity or quality. I too have to make decisions to ensure that my expenses are sustainable. In doing so, a business owner should always consider whether the quality of the item or service exceeds, matches or undermines the cost.

quantity or quality

To save on overhead costs a lot of business owners will choose cost over the long term effects on the quality of the product or service they are receiving. The last thing a business owner wants to do is waste money. However, according to CEB Global, one of the mistakes businesses make is placing too much emphasis on their own costs, noting that businesses should spend more time looking at what they can do for the company at large and cheapest doesn’t always equal best.

When quoting customers for cleaning services, I run into this issue a lot. Many clients do not understand how cleaning companies quote their services. For example, one of the factors figured into quoting a client is how long it will take to clean the building. To compete in pricing, a lot of cleaning companies will factor the fastest amount of time to clean your building in order to quote you the best price. Fast is okay, as long as you can actually get the job done in the amount of time quoted. If your building would normally take a quality cleaning service 3 hours to THOROUGHLY clean but you were quoted 2 hours, you will receive rushed, inconsistent, and incomplete cleaning services. When a business under-quotes the amount of time to clean your business just to gain your services, they will require their employee to clean it in that amount of time.

When visiting prospects I have heard stories from potential clients complaining that their current cleaning service continues to miss steps; not putting the furniture back, forgetting to empty trash bins, etc. The employees are the ones responsible for fixing their mistakes when they arrive the next morning. This also requires management to make calls to the cleaning service to get corrective actions in place. This type of service ruins productivity and costs the business more money.

As the owner and operator of Phillips Janitorial Services, Inc. I know exactly how much time and effort it takes to provide high-quality, consistent service. How? Because I am not just a business owner, I am a hands-on experienced cleaner. I have cleaned each and every one of my clients’ buildings. When quoting my clients I provide the competitive pricing that the client needs and deserves so that their building is cleaned the right way, every time.

When quoting new business I sometimes lose the bid to what I like to call “The Cheapo” companies. I have developed a philosophy similar to what is mentioned by BusinessDictionary.com, the biggest area where you see quality over quantity prevail is in the auto industry. I don’t try to compete with “The Cheapo” companies on price, I have come to the understanding that some clients would prefer a cheap car with more repairs, vs a luxury car with a full warranty. Which do you prefer for your business?

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