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The Little Details

A lot of us spend time just flying through the days, missing the details of the little things that happen while we work, play, eat, etc. The little things often seem unimportant, that is until they become something BIG. A few weeks ago I did a walk through with a new client. They explained that … Continue reading The Little Details

World Toilet Day!

Today is World Toilet Day!! Toilets are not just important to the janitorial industry and our everyday lives (for obvious reasons), but they also have a big impact on our world! We often take our “Porceline Thrones” for granted. Did you know many people in the world still do not have the use of this … Continue reading World Toilet Day!

Holiday Cleanup

Expecting your employees to do your post-holiday party cleanup? Don’t kill your office morale by making your employees do the cleaning. Unless your employees’ job description contains maintenance or janitorial duties do not rely on them to fulfill these responsibilities. Contracting this work to a professional commercial cleaning company will allow your employees to focus … Continue reading Holiday Cleanup